Friday, December 11, 2009

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG! and our adventure seeing it <3

It was EVERYTHING I Hoped it would be AND MORE!
the animation was absolutely amazing, the artwork was inspirational, And the character animation was some of the best iv'e seen, Even from Disney, it was THAT GOOD!
The events of the movie were so enjoyable, i loved each scene, and the chemistry between Naveen and Tiana was truly beautiful and prolly the most adorable thing like EVER! it was HANDS DOWN the best animated movie iv'e seen this year!

NAVEEEN, was the most interesting for me to watch, i adored EVERY moment he was on screen, and his reactions and actions/expressions made me want to MELT loved them so much. When he was falling for Tiana it was the most adorable thing ever, a true connection NONE of the other Disney pairs have truly had, the closest i think was Belle an Beast, as well as Simba and Nala, Also Meg and Herc! <33333
BUT i like Naveen and Tiana the most!

Amazing interactions between the two, they would argue, and complain, but They got to know each other truly, and their attitudes began to change and it was just, OH so very wonderful, i adored the scene where Naveen wants to propose to Tiana, i think thats one of my favorite scenes in animation history now. honest to god!

Dr. Facilier was AMAZING! he was such a charismatic character, his animation was incredible and he was so menacing and stylish, his song was AMAZING and i ADORED his shadows, i mean thats the sorta thing im into in aniamtion, and in villain in general. The evil designs and fluid creepy movements were to DIE FOR, and he was still so very colorful and i LOVED THAT! MOST DEF my fav Disney Villain!!

Ray was just, the most precious little thing, i was truly sad and touched when he died.. and woulda cried if not for my friend Cole PFFFFF xDDD
I'll cry when i see it on Sunday!

Mama Odie and Louis were ridiculously funny, i adored all the character so much!!

Long story short...

This movie was PHENOMONAL, i personally think its the start of a new disney era, and i personally think its one of my top all time favorite disney movies, i liked it THAT MUCH!

Not only did it bring back the beautiful artform that is Traditional Animation, but it bright us an original and unique story of magic, excitment

Now.... as for what happened tonight!

i was trying to get a big group to see it, not everone could come but a bunch did!

its my Friend Chase's birthday tomorow, so we went out to dinner too, along with my friends Cole and Paul, that was tons of fun!

Cole does an amazing "Joker" impression, i mean LEGIT its scary...

So after the movie ALL CHASE could SAY was " RAY DIED! Dx<" it was actually pretty damn funny!We were making jokes like crazy, he finally says
"Viv when you are in a Disney movie, i hope your favorite bug DIES"


Dr. Facilier: You are teh coolest bug ever, i want you to DIE, you remind me of that Owl City song, DIIIIE!!!

This movie will always be special to me! I ADORE it sooo much!! im really speechless to how I can TRULY express how much i liked this film...

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