Wednesday, May 19, 2010


...Addison be his name, Thanks for helping me finalize that Samy <3>

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who be this now?

Addison... or Sebastian..?

Newest addition to the Zoophobia Family, in deep development..

For a very long time I have been trying to develop a good male character that I could turn into another adversary for Zill in "Zoophobia" It proved surprisingly hard, I finally created a few concepts, but the one I have been toying with the most is a young character much like Gale. An albino boy, with an identical albino sister (who is to replace my "Vivienne" character, as she was a little TOO much like me, and i didn't want to have to create relationships and such if it seemed to be ME) Him and his sister are both government experiments, created at the same time,
This is my excuse for the Tail.

(Below) the first sketch I ever did of his character, I wanted a more eccentric look, fashionable, attractive but feminine (as I am debating making him Canon-ly gay actually, though this doesn't even need to come into play in Canon, that all depends on what may drive the story)

I debated after first considering his sexuality, having him have some sort of crush on Zill, but I have since decided I don't really want anything like that in his character just yet, if ever.
(i'm Not into Yaoi, But i am into equality rights, characters can be Gay too)

This character who I have decided to Name either "Addison" or "Sebastian" (still in deep personal debate on the name) Starts off as one of the innocent characters at Blacksdale high school. He does not start as a villain, nor does he STAY one, he is seeked out by Mirage as a weak easily manipulated person (which is where emotions concerning his sexuality could possibly come into play)
Mirage takes advantage of him, using her a seductive , yet threateningly soulless personality she tries to recruit him as another agent for Malvada. Using deadly threats she manages to get him to agree to surrender his soul for Malvada to use.

He is instinctively a very submissive, and fearful character, letting others walk over him, and manipulate him. Mirage's main weapon against him is threatening to harm his twin sister (who I have renamed Veronika) who means the world to him.

He and Gale both end up being controlled by a demon that possesses them, But unlike Gale, who's Demon (Mirage) was born into her, He is more temporarily possessed by Malvada's power. He is given the control of the Basilisks (deadly monstrous snakes, that Malvada manages to enlist with her plans)

But His personality for the most part is pretty fun, when He is with his twin sister he is in his element. They are both artists, working together on large mural paintings. They both have a very unique sense of fashion, (especially Scarfs and stripes) a lot of inspiration for what they wear comes from my more fashionable friends, Lady Gaga, and the stuff i personally really like/wear.

Originally He did not have a sister, and the Veronika character was going to be a best friend thing, but I decided twins would be more interesting.

In the End, I think he is a character I intend to keep, He is fun, artistic, colorful, and different.

Plus He will make a Fun new male Baddie!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

PROM 2010

I Had a fantastic time, and for the first time this year, I actually kinda felt pretty.. huh, weird huh?
Most of the pictures were taken before prom, I went with my best friend Chase, who I have known since 3rd grade, hes a silly silly. We got a Limo and we all went to eat at a restaurant called "The Tasting Room" in downtown Frederick, i got the Salmon, and damn was it good!
Then the Prom itself was pretty fun, we got there early so we were literally the ONLY ones on the dance floor for a little while, but the songs sucked so we stopped until more people showed up. They had a chocolate fountain that was used to dip strawberries in, but me an Chase were daring and we dipped in chocolate chip cookies, DOUBLE THE SUGAR INTAKE!
the songs were... pretty bad, some were fun and some I liked, but some were just... bad, but that was to be expected, BUT they did play some that made me really happy, they played "Jai Ho" from slum dog Millionaire, which is one of my fav songs, and they played "All I ever Wanted" by Basshunter! Plus the most classic dance of all time "the ChaCha slide" pffff coarse <3
Me and Christina also jammed out to "the Cupid Shuffle"
Then when we were leaving they played "Lets get it Started" by Black Eyed Peas (which I liked) and "Hips Don't Lie" By Shakira, and let me tell ya, I never ACTUALLY knew I had the Hispanic Dancing ability I inherited from my dad until then. I TORE THAT SONG UP!
After we left we went to get some ice cream at "Maggie Moo's". I got a BIG ASS Chocolate Milkshake, an sucked that thang down!
Twas a Fun Night!

My Daddy, Me, Chase and My Mom!

Our Full Group of AWESOME!
right to left: Sean, Rachel, Kurt, Emily, Cat, Lauren, Austin, Christina, Brandon, Me, Chase, Keri & Max

My Best Friend Keri and her Boyfriend Max, then Me an Chase.

BFFS! <3

Christina-na-na checkin her phone , and .. me xD


Us Sexay Mommas! <3

I wuv my Daddy! <3

Chase is too damn TALL!!

Boot n' Ears are hard to poot on! >:(