Monday, October 11, 2010


My Sketchbook is now full of the signatures of talented Artists! <3
Overall I didn't buy too much, I bought a Sketchbook from Stephen Silver (the Character designer of Kim Possible) and an artbook by the incredible artist Becky Dreistadt

I bought a picture book adaptation of The Secret of Kells

Which both Director Tomm Moore and Art Director Ross Stewart signed!


What he drew in my Sketchbook! <3

Kells Panel

The Art I did for Tomm! I didn't have much time to get it done

K C Green

Becky Dreistadt's artwork on display!

Becky and Frank! <3

Jim Webb looking at my sketchbook! he was unbelievably encouraging to me, and hes an SVA alumni! :D

Stephen Silver signing my book!

Robot Chicken Panel with Seth Green and MACAULAY CULKIN!!!!

First day with my amazing artist friends Samy and Corie! <3