Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Blogs, SVA Portfolio Days, Partime Jobs at laser Tags, and Inductions... Fun Times!

So I made a very not snazzy new Blog cause my dusty old one was old and dusty, plus there was a shit ton of stuff I COULD have posted on there but didn't cause I'm a Lazeh bum! SoOOoo.. this will be my main Blog for life :D
I visited National Portfolio day for the second time in my life on Saturday, twas amazing cause SVA accepted my visual portfolio! All I need to do now is complete the written application and apply for a few scholarships!

I also recently got my first ever part time job! Its at Shadowland laser Tag! its such a wonderful place to work, its in a mall so its small, its not TOO busy yet and the theme is KICK ASS! its a medieval theme so theres dark evil murals of undead horses and knights riding cracked out dragons! tis pretty cool!

This thursday at my school we will be having an Induction to the National Art honor Society, this will be my second year, an we get some artwork put up on the walls, so im choosing these three pieces, cause I like them! urrhurr
Im gonna invite some friends, but they will most likely all be "Busy" pfff

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